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Reptilefood.com is the #1 online feeder insect source on the web and we got that title by offering the highest quality and largest selection of live food combined with an unmatched level of customer service.

The idea behind Reptlefood.com was very simple; your time is very important, especially in today’s time-crunched lifestyles, and we believe that a lengthy phone conversation with a large grower isn't something people choose to take time for. Therefore Reptilefood.com is a live food company as close as your desktop. Online ordering can provide many beneficial advantages including quick, accurate and convenient ordering while fulfilling your live pet food needs in one place and at one time.

10 years ago when we started this company we considered the full service side of the live food industry. Then we looked at the entire picture and decided that there should be a quality live food company on the web that could remain competitive while meeting your needs. So we developed a convenient site that is both functional and appealing, including the selection needed to nourish almost any reptile or amphibian. We will always remain as reliable and informative as possible while still remaining competitive and above all allow you to feel secure with your purchase.

Whether you are a hobbyist with one animal, a breeder or a pet shop we will be here to serve you. Our priorities will always revolve around you and your needs. If at any time you feel you are not having your needs met just send us an e-mail at sales@reptilefood.com and you will receive prompt resolution.

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