Live Delivery Guarantee

Guarantees come in all shapes and sizes but's guarantee has no hidden fees or small print to be concerned with. Its very simple; we offer a 72 hour live delivery guarantee. This means you have our word that your order will be delivered alive, correct and stay that way for 72 hours. We can stand on this guarantee because of years of research and development into the best ways to package and ship our orders. All of our order ship using a priority over night service which allows us to assure that your order is traveling in the best conditions available.

However, we are not perfect and nether are shipping companies so we know problems can happen. Lets go over a couple points before we move on to how to contact us to use your guarantee should you have an issue.

First, we need to let you know that we are aware of the fact that shipping our product can be stressful on the insects, therefore we always over count an order between 20%-30% before we ship it out. What this means for you is that you can be assured your order will have the correct amount, the majority of the time more than you ordered. So if you order 1000 crickets and when you get them you notice a few dead rest assured you still have more than the correct amount in the box.

Secondly, in the winter months your order may arrive and appear to be dead. Please bring the order inside to room temperature and allow 3 to 4 hours for the insects to acclimate before contacting us, do not use a heat mat or heat lamp to warm crickets. Generally they will come back because the cold will often cause them to go dormant.

With the above being said, should you experience an error with your order or dead bugs please contact us by filling out our contact form or if you wish you can click on the live chat link located at the top right hand corner of our website.